package swiss.fihlon

 * A simple business card for the network of networks
 * @author Marcus Fihlon
 * @see Fat Man Cycling
class Person(

        val firstname: String = "Marcus",
        val lastname: String = "Fihlon",
        val email: String = "",

        val roles: Array<String> = arrayOf(
                "Software Craftsman",
                "Scrum Master",
                "Community Manager",
                "Cycling Addict"),

        val abilities: Array<String> = arrayOf(
                "Jakarta EE",

        val profiles: Array<String> = arrayOf(

        val communities: Map<String, String> = mapOf(
                "Agile Breakfast Luzern" to "Active Member",
                "BaselOne" to "Program Committee Member",
                "Caritas" to "Patron",
                "CH Open Workshop Days" to "Program Committee Member",
                "E-Bike Switzerland" to "Organizer",
                "Hackergarten Luzern" to "Organizer",
                "Java User Group Switzerland" to "President",
                "JavaLand" to "Program Committee Member",
                "Kleintheater Luzern" to "Patron",
                "Kotlin Swiss User Group" to "President",
                "Pro Velo Switzerland" to "Active Member",
                "Virtual Java User Group" to "Member",
                "Voxxed Days Z├╝rich" to "Program Committee Member")