package swiss.fihlon

 * A simple business card for the network of networks
 * TODO Trans America Bike Ride 2023
 * @author Marcus Fihlon
 * @see Fat Man Cycling
class Person(

        val firstname: String = "Marcus",
        val lastname: String = "Fihlon",
        val email: String = "",

        val projects: Array<String> = arrayOf(
                "GPX Animator",

        val roles: Array<String> = arrayOf(
                "Software Craftsman",
                "Scrum Master",
                "Community Manager",
                "Cycling Addict"),

        val abilities: Array<String> = arrayOf(
                "Jakarta EE",

        val profiles: Array<String> = arrayOf(
                "Speaker Deck",

        val communities: Map<String, List<String>> = mapOf(
                "President" to listOf(
                        "Java User Group Switzerland",
                        "Kotlin Swiss User Group"),
                "Program Committee Member" to listOf(
                        "CH Open Workshop Days",
                        "Voxxed Days Z├╝rich"),
                "Editorial Advisory Board" to listOf(
                        "Java aktuell"),
                "Organizer" to listOf(
                        "Hackergarten Luzern"),
                "Member" to listOf(
                        "Agile Breakfast Luzern",
                        "Coders Only",
                        "Java Community Process (JCP)",
                        "Pro Velo Switzerland",
                        "Quartierverein Hirschmatt-Neustadt",
                        "Virtual Java User Group"),
                "Patron" to listOf(
                        "Kleintheater Luzern",
                        "Rega - Schweizerische Rettungsflugwacht"))