I divide my free time between two passions that couldn’t be more different: software development and bikepacking. This is now about software development. Currently I dedicate most of my free time to two open source projects, which I would like to introduce here very briefly:

GPX Animator

This project was created on January 31, 2013 by Martin Ždila. Christmas 2018 I made my first contributions and soon after took over the maintenance and support completely from Martin. The GPX Animator is an application that allows you to animate tours and trips recorded with your GPS device or smartphone on a map and create a video. You can customize it to do (almost) anything you want. The program runs on your computer and you don’t have to entrust your data to a server on the Internet. Cool, isn’t it?

The GPX Animator is developed completely in Java. But as a user you don’t need to have Java installed, the installer comes with everything you need. You can control the GPX Animator either via command line or via an extensive graphical user interface, there are no differences in functionality. However, the graphical user interface is not really a feast for the eyes and urgently needs a redesign.

More information and of course a way to download the GPX Animator can be found at:


Since many years I am a member of the Java User Group Switzerland and since some time I am actively involved in the board. The website of our JUG is technologically a bit outdated. It is based on PHP. In itself nothing bad, but as a JUG somehow a bit degrading. So on May 16, 2021 I started this project to bring the website of the JUG technologically up to date.

Komunumo is what I would call a “community manager”. It manages the data of the members, the sponsors, everything around events and much more. Of course, this data is also used to create the JUG website. Thereby Komunumo is very much tailored to the needs of the Java User Group Switzerland, but can also be adapted relatively easily. With the further progress of the development it is not only planned to replace the previous PHP version, but also to make Komunumo so flexible that other communities can also easily use Komunumo for the administration of their club or group and their website.

The name Komunumo, which sounds a bit strange for many, has of course a special background: It comes from the artificial language Esperanto and means something like community. So very appropriate. Moreover, it’s funny to pronounce and the domain was free too! :-)

You can find more information about Komunumo at: